The Dwarf Bids Farewell to His Wife, the Elephant Lady, Citing Their Sexual Incompatibility

Dolly Dimple + DwarfOne ought not to the marriage of true minds
Admit impediment.  But then again,
Let us be reasonable, dear.  I find,
Though minds be true, still bodies may present

Some difficulties – and, in point of fact,
Impediments there are, though you admit
Them not. Let’s not mince words: putting all tact
Aside, we both are freaks: I am a midget;

You, my love, are grossly fat.  That’s just
The way of it, there is no blame.  However,
After all our trials, I think you must
Admit some things just can’t be done, whatever

Minds may think of it.  With this in view,
My body’s left you, though my mind’s still true.


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