Flim and Flam

FF-Fred-George-C1Flim was thin as a chicken wing
Flam was fat as a toad.
Flim walked east and Flam walked north
They met along the western road.

Flam had a bag of noodles;
He spilt them on the ground.
Flim just smiled and shook his hand
And gave his head a friendly pound.

And both of them were in the way
And neither stepped aside
So no one else could come along
To offer either one a ride.

Flam was bowing from the waist
Clicking his heels together
Flim was staring at the sky
Wondering about the weather.

And both of them were in the way
And both were at a loss.
And neither one would give an inch
So both of them were cross.

Flam was standing in the path
And fussing with his hat
Flim was sitting diligently
Where the ground was nice and flat.

And no one cared to solve the mess
And no one cared to stay
And what with one thing and another
That is how things are today.



Image: publicity photo of Fred Howe and George Moore, sideshow performers of the late 19th century. Howe (the Fat Man) and Moore (the Human Skeleton) were part of the Forepaugh Circus, where they performed a comical boxing routine.

vintage-boxing triptych

vintage-boxing FF-Fred-George-E

3 thoughts on “Flim and Flam

  1. I was smiling throughout. It just rolled off my tongue and was fun to read. Nice way to start my morning. The pictures are perfect as well.


    • Thank you, Kevin Sampsel! Your note made my morning, which in all other respects started Too Early, even as mornings go.

      Finding George and Fred was an unexpected bonus. (Have I mentioned how much I love, love, love! the internet?) I want to know about their adventures together; I hope someone will invent them.


      • My morning started as expected. It was the night before that carried on too long. Coffee is an excellent thing. George and Fred are indeed a bonus. The left picture in the three photo image is my favorite. Telling of their adventures is actually a splendid idea. I imagine it would not be too difficult to concoct something wonderful.


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