Alphabet, Schmalphabet – Y, y


“Yes, yes, yes!” yells young Yvonne,
Yelling loudly all day long
Yelling, yowling, yelping, howling,
In the kitchen, on the lawn,
Caterwauling in the hallway,
“Yes, yes, yes!” from dusk till dawn;
Yelling till her mother wonders,
“How long can this noise go on?”
Yelling till her father tells her,
“Yes, all right! Go on, Yvonne!
Do what you wish, do what you want to,
Only please stop yelling so!”

But Yvonne cries, “No, no, no!”

4 thoughts on “Alphabet, Schmalphabet – Y, y

  1. This takes me back back (WAY BACK!) and makes me want to jump and play in my old tomboy self. You captured our childhood ways succinctly!


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