Huazi Ridge (after Wang Wei)


girl and birdsThere they go again, stupid birds.
They’ve been flying up and down the Ridge
All fall.
As if that would bring him back.


Image: the image is a collage of Gadis Kintamani by Flickr user I Made Yanuarta DPY (license: CC BY 2.0) and FREE bird brush by Flickr user jimmy brown (license: CC BY 2.0).

Text: this is a very free translation of a poem by Wan Wei, which came to my attention through Robert Okaji’s (O at the Edges) own excellent translation. Here it is in the original Chinese:

… and here is a literal translation (courtesy of the website

Fly bird go no limit
Join mountain again autumn colour
Up down Huazi Ridge
Melancholy feeling what extreme

By way of comparison (or, I suppose, parallax), here is an automated translation (from Google Translate):

A bird go without effort
Autumn Hill grass
Upper and lower half in the same
Forlorn love what level recovery

… which is also not particularly helpful.


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