Anyway (poem written with a found pencil)


I don’t know why
it never occurred to me before
but today I thought
that I could kiss you
something serious
for letting me know poetry
after all is
a respectable thing to love

so even though it’s years on
and you, last time we met,
hated me, anyway
there’s a kiss outstanding
you don’t really want
and I won’t really give

and that’s poetry too
as much as anything is

Written with a found pencil, on found paper, too. Hence the catch-and-release program:

4 thoughts on “Anyway (poem written with a found pencil)

    • Thank you! So glad you liked it. I found the pencil that wrote this poem on the grounds of the local school, so… there’s that. (It was an elementary school, though.) And it was in high school that I had some experiences very like what’s described here.

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