Kung said something wise

Sinar multishot - 16 skott

Kung had a saying
about true wisdom —
how did it go exactly?
Something about the wise man
needing only a few words…

But I forgot to turn down the page,
and — his Collected Works,
such a big book!

Image: a doctored version of stetoskopiskbild,m,1.jpg, which appears to be half of a stereoscopic image, and is dated ca. 1906. Yes, the book is really that size. This image shows the Codex Gigas (“gigantic book”), also colloquially known as the Devil’s Bible for its weirdly cartoonish portrait of Satan. The original of the photo is out of copyright in the U.S., at least, as a very very old work. As to the edited version, go ahead and use if it you wish — I hereby license it CC0 (no rights reserved).

Here is the Devil, who is also (and always) in the public domain:


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