Often in Error, Never in Doubt

John Skelton

John Skelton
put his hat of felt on
put his pants and belt on
and his shoes of leather
meet for any weather.
His outfit put together
no hesitation whether
he should go outside—
Aye! I shall! He cried!
And with furious stride
went out through the wide
open front door.
Never yet before
had traveler set out
with fewer pangs of doubt
and such a shout!



Image: John Skelton, who else? No copyright on this ’cause it’s old.

A NaPoWriMo thang.

2 thoughts on “Often in Error, Never in Doubt

  1. I’ve only just become acquainted with Skeltonian verse, intrigued enough to experiment myself. Hard to make it not seem forced, which makes this, your reflection on the present incumbant, all the more impressive.


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