Death by Drowning


(for Theodore Roethke)

We die of love, or anything at all.
I drew a million breaths, but could not sing.
My bones are of the earth, and heed its call;
I’ll dream a sun, and feed myself on ink.

Be still, be still: a color’s in my eyes.
What’s sleeping? Will I wake? Have I a soul?
This water’s cold. A stone does what it likes.
My breath is gone. The sea’s song fills me whole.



Image: “A Girl Doesn’t Need Anyone That Doesn’t Need Her” by Flickr user Holly Lay, published under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) license.

2 thoughts on “Death by Drowning

  1. Women naturally look swampy to me anyway… I’d rather die by sex with a rodent! Think of the pain! Think of all the attention I’d get in the smut magazines! A stone does what it likes? They do tend to be lazy; laying around all day… Why don’t they get a job like everybody else!


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