U, u: Unassuming Unicorns

Unicorns all kinds.jpg

The unassuming unicorns united underground
Upthrusting their umbrellas with an ululating sound;
Their umbrage unassuaged, they undertook an upward run
Emerging all unbidden underneath an umber sun.



Image: Of Animals, Book 1, Vol. 2, plate 70 from Pierre Pomet, A Compleat History of Druggs (1712), which is an English translation of Histoire generale des drogues (1684). I am informed and believe that most of these illustrations depicting the varieties of unicorns come from John Johnston’s 1657 Historiæ Naturalis de Quadrupedibus. Whatever its sources, the image above is out of copyright because it is way too old to be protected.

#21 in the Alphabet, Schmalphabet series… ever so close to the end….

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