Marvel his birthday away

(Dylan Marlais Thomas, born 27 October 1914)

seance - c574ced57cb734cb2a9f30780d7c7c18.jpg

We summoned Dylan Thomas’s spirit;
He was more than a little bit drunk, we all could hear it.
But we were charmed he had chosen to honor us
And even inebriated, his voice was still quite sonorous.



Image: seance (19c.), provenance unknown. I believe this image to be out of copyright from sheer age.

Dylan Thomas was, of course, legendary for his public and recorded readings of his own and others’ verse; also for being a hardliving blackout drunk and dying of it. Or anyway dying.

And for completeness, I will point out that his “Poem in October” contains the line

There could I marvel
My birthday
Away but the weather turned around.

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