The Earl of Rollercoaster


The Earl of Rollercoaster found
It inconvenient to expound
On why it was he loved to race
Continually from place to place
Whilst whirling rapidly around —
Now here, now there, now soaring high,
Now falling freely toward the ground,
And screaming all the while.

That’s why he built that crazy train
That bears his name:
It’s easier to experience
than to explain.

A little known fact: rollercoasters are named after Charles Hatch, the 47th Earl of Rollercoaster.

Image: Harry G. Traver Cyclone roller coaster patent, public domain. (The text and illustrations of US patents published before March 1, 1989 are in the public domain unless the patent text contains a specific notice that portions are copyrighted. See 37 C.F.R. 1.7(d), 1.84(s).)

2 thoughts on “The Earl of Rollercoaster

  1. The Earl of Rollercoaster joins those other illustrious inventors who’ve given their names to their inventions: the Earl of Sandwich (true), the inventer of the flushing toilet Thomas Crapper (complete coincidence) and James Hovercraft who invented the floating Hoover (wish it was true).

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