I Wrestled Fire

Full Moon Forest Fire

I had wrestled fire the day long
But now the sun was gone
And as the night came on, fire grew.
The full moon watched to see what I would do.

And nothing went as I had planned.
The element of fire was out of hand
And hungered for the earth, and ate the air.
The full moon watched to see how I would fare.

I made a wish for rain to fall;
The smutted sky ignored my call.
The flames ate trees and darkness, and grew tall.
The full moon watched above it all

Until the fire was brought complete
To perfect light and perfect heat:
All that was left to gain was my defeat.

I fed the flames myself, and was consumed
Under the gaze of the curious moon.


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The Pathetic Fallacy

A_Chess_Game.altDavid and Anne are playing chess.
The game of kings.
David’s thinking tactically,
While Anne’s mind is on other things.

Anne plays White, but loses ground
In the center, and her concentration wanes.
Outside the room, the easy darkness
Presses at the window-panes —

She softly gazes out at it
As David launches his attack.

“Your move,” he says, and jars her back
Into the minding of the game;
She had been wondering at the way
The darkness called her name.


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