Alphabet, Schmalphabet – L, l

Lily and Lamia LakeLily Lake
Loved her snake.

Leroy Lay
Stole it away.

Lucas Lops
Called the cops.

Laura Leaf
Chased the thief.

Lenny Loun
Knocked him down.

Lamia Lake
(That was the snake)
Swallowed him whole.

That’s all.


Image: Collage of Girl in butterfly or flower costume, a public domain image (ca. 1920) posted by Flickr user The Field Museum Library, and “Image taken from page 91 of ‘An Account of the Empire of Marocco, and the district of Suse; … to which is added, an accurate and interesting account of Timbuctoo, etc.'”, a public domain image (published 1809) posted by Flickr user The British Library.

2 thoughts on “Alphabet, Schmalphabet – L, l

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