The Obvious Will Never Lose Its Power to Persuade


A dog lying in the sun
looks very wise.
Of course that is only the sun
making her narrow her eyes.

No, it is not the appearance of wisdom
that makes a dog wise:
it’s the fact that she lies
in the sun.


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No story


There were never two men named Charles
in spite of what they both said
there were never two wives of two men named Charles.
There weren’t four children of two wives of two
men named Charles, and they didn’t
have eight pets, and forget about everything
you think you know,
nobody ever gave them sixteen names
thirty-two Christmas presents
or sixty-four walks around the park.

None of that ever happened.


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the walk at last


come along come come come

that is fine
no no need for that and no time

for the need to account for the world is a pressing need

for instance that squirrel

must be put into her proper slot SHARP! SHARP! SHARP! SHARP!


the wellfed mastiff was
at this
since the rain stopped
well well we will see about that
all done
come along shall we here is a street for us to walk along I’ll show you the way
this way
this way
a moment
I’m sure there’s something
all right
let us keep on
come along?
there that’s fine

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Bubble Story

Here's a fat thing, a bubble.
Air bobs it.  It flirts with light,
sucks blue from the sky.

It wants to wander, but where?
There's no wind to show a way.
Without a goal to vex it, 
it stays a toy, untroubled.

A dog comes nosing, smelling soap,
then yelps and shies.
The bubble spits a rainbow as it dies.

                                   (photos by RolandasJ, carterse)