Moccasin Game Song

YeitseThis is what awful Yeitse said
At the moccasin game,
That great destroyer,
That bad fucking news:

Woe! Woe!
You should have left it where it was!
I would have played it there,
You should have let it lie!

Striking the ground hugely
So that the tent-rags shook,
He guessed wrong,
Knowing someone had moved the stone.

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Monster Time (Monster Slayer part 2)

Monster #1Some of the people were
Always up to no good,
Making up evil games.
Pretty soon they made some monsters.

Oh, women, women!
What did you need so badly,
What midnight things did you practice?
Now what will become of your own children?

Oh, men, men!
What did you want so much,
Why did you never stop?
Now what will become of your own children?

Crips & Navajo Native Pride

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The Creation (Monster Slayer part 1)

Entre el sol y mis pensamientosThe first people came up, they say,
Up through four worlds,
Up through a hollow reed, they say,
Up to this world.

When they arrived
This world was dark
Then someone said
It will not always be this way.

The clouds shone
Then birds came, talking loud.
Sun took hold the mountain
And leaped into the sky.

Day came
Then the waters rose in mist.
Spider-woman caught a fly
To celebrate dawn.


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