She Makes Them at Home in the Land (Monster Slayer part 7)

nayenezgani   tobadischini CM

She called out that one’s name,
Four times she called Nayenezgani, Kill-Ogre,
And the canyon walls answered back,
And the rocks heard it.

She called out that one’s name,
Four times she called Tobadischini, Water-Child,
And the canyon walls answered back,
And the water heard it.

“Now you are part of this place.
“The rocks have heard your name,
“The water has heard it.
“Here you will always have a place.”

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Yaitse Figured It Out (Monster Slayer part 6)

403949639_74968ea275_oYaitse said:

I see the footprints
Running here and there.
Give them to me,
Those two skinny boys!

White Shell Woman said:

The prints like little feet,
I make them with my fist’s edge,
Scatter them all around the place.
It’s better than living alone.

Changing Woman said:

Go back to the mountains, Yaitse,
Break your teeth on stones.
There’s nothing for you here,
Nothing you have not ruined.


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How Those Boys Grew Up (Monster Slayer part 5)

Warrior TwinsFour days ago
These women dreamed in the sunlight
And now there are babies
Wriggling at their breasts.

Four days ago
These were babies crying
And now they are running everywhere
Playing huntsman.

Four days ago
These were boys playing
And now they practice shooting
And ask about their father.

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Two Women and the Sun (Monster Slayer part 4)

Georg_Pencz_-_Schlafende_Frau_(Vanitas) WITH SUN3 Changing Woman said:

Such a dream I had.
The Sun himself took me as I slept!
I would not have thought him
Such a careful lover.

White Shell Woman said:

I slept, and as I slept
Old Sun, that sly fucker,
Came down and slipped it in me.
I woke still wet.

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The Things That Came (Monster Slayer part 3)

Sego Canyon PetroglyphsOut of some place they came
Out of any place they came
And everywhere out of place
Making the whole world out of place:

Kicking monster, old-age monster,
Yaitse, eye monster, rolling monster.
And that’s not all, there are
Monsters nobody ever saw.

Old man said:

Pretty soon
They gonna monster us all up —
Pretty soon, mind,
Be no more people.

Newspaper Rock 3
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Monster Time (Monster Slayer part 2)

Monster #1Some of the people were
Always up to no good,
Making up evil games.
Pretty soon they made some monsters.

Oh, women, women!
What did you need so badly,
What midnight things did you practice?
Now what will become of your own children?

Oh, men, men!
What did you want so much,
Why did you never stop?
Now what will become of your own children?

Crips & Navajo Native Pride

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The Creation (Monster Slayer part 1)

Entre el sol y mis pensamientosThe first people came up, they say,
Up through four worlds,
Up through a hollow reed, they say,
Up to this world.

When they arrived
This world was dark
Then someone said
It will not always be this way.

The clouds shone
Then birds came, talking loud.
Sun took hold the mountain
And leaped into the sky.

Day came
Then the waters rose in mist.
Spider-woman caught a fly
To celebrate dawn.


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