And Winter Yet to Come

Leaden by Andre Goble
I prayed for sign of spring
A leaden sky was all
And my desire was cold

I saw him yesterday
He stood as close to me
As if I were his soul

When yesterday was chill
Tomorrow has no sting
A leaden sky was all
I prayed for sign of spring


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To Witness the Public Ceremonies of the Night


(a found poem, from the works of Washington Matthews)

It has lasted eight days before
the four singers,
after long and tedious instruction by the shaman,
come out
to sing this song.

Five hundred people are, perhaps, assembled
to witness the public ceremonies
of the night;

some have come
from the most distant parts
of the wide
territory; all are prepared
to hold their vigil until dawn.

A score or more of critics are in the audience
who know the song by heart and are
alert to discover errors.
It is a long song,
and consists almost exclusively of
or archaic
which convey no idea to
the mind of the singer. Yet not
may be forgotten
Ifthe slightest error is made,
it is at once proclaimed by the assembled critics,

the fruitless ceremony comes to an end, and

the five hundred disappointed spectators
fortunatelythey are not as particular with all their songs
as they are
with this.

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When a Baby Meets a Baby

Duo penotti fighting over a ballWhen a baby meets a baby
Coming through the rye
Says the baby to the baby
I must poke you in the eye.

When a baby meets a  baby
Walking through the wheat
Says the baby to the baby
I must tread upon your feet

When a baby meets a baby
And the baby says Hello
They may play until the baby says
It’s time for you to go.

When a baby meets a baby
Coming through the corn
Says the baby to the baby
You will wish you weren’t born

When a baby meets a baby
And the babies start to play
They will play until the baby says
It’s time to go away.

So when a baby meets a baby
Coming through the rye
Says the baby to the baby
Better pass the baby by.


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A Following Song

Kodak VS by Kevin DooleyDown by the hill, or lower down,
The larks and lizards built a town.
They sang for fun and lay in the sun
And life was easy.

Seasons came, and came, and came,
And some were different, some the same;
The flowers grew, and blossomed, and blew,
And life was easy.

But a lark grows bold to stretch its wing
While a lizard sleeps and dreams of spring.
So the larks forgot – what the lizards did not –
That life is easy.

Then they went their ways, no one knew why,
Some to the desert and some to the sky,
With the turning spheres and the passing years,
Like life, so easy.
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Moccasin Game Song

YeitseThis is what awful Yeitse said
At the moccasin game,
That great destroyer,
That bad fucking news:

Woe! Woe!
You should have left it where it was!
I would have played it there,
You should have let it lie!

Striking the ground hugely
So that the tent-rags shook,
He guessed wrong,
Knowing someone had moved the stone.

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Ghost Train Morning

The Tracks_MG_2981Gonna roll out in pajamas
Can’t be bothered, can’t be late
My hair ain’t combed, my teeth are stale
Don’t mind, don’t care, can’t wait

There’s a train ain’t waiting for me
Leaving while the rails are clear
Won’t be standing at the station
Might just leave me here

Got to leave your one and only
When your moment comes around
Got to leave your things behind you
When the walls come down

Used to be a little baby
Mama sang a lullaby
For to rock me into sleeping
While the trains rolled by

I’ve been waiting all my lifetime
For that dream to end
I’ve found love and I’ve found pleasure
Haven’t found a friend

There’s a train not waiting for me
Leaving while the rails are clear
Won’t be standing at the station
Might just leave me here

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Dance Figure

Trance Dance by ArentasI sweat
in a powerful vision
The white goddess
She play a fast fiddle
She cry         shake it

like sweet & hot
scream like a wind
moan like a flood
& we gone rob death!

I watch you
& you all mad with it.

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The Pirate’s Lullaby

Hush now, child, now go to bed
Now close your eyes, rest your head
For now we end our day.

And while you sleep, the pirates creep
Into the town and up the street
To carry you away.

And you shall be a pirate king
A king of endless isles
The gentle rain shall fall on you
The lazy sun shall smile

And yours will be a bonny ship
And bonny be your crew
And singers who sing of wondrous things
Of treasure maps and golden rings
And birds that swim, and fish with wings
And the dreams that are dreamed by pirate kings
Shall sing of you.

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